Before and After: Master Bedroom

This room wasn’t terrible beforehand, but it was very “blah” and had never felt right in the three years we’ve lived here. You can’t tell from these pictures, but the walls were a pale taupe, which was getting totally washed out from the light from two large windows. Our trusty pine furniture (shipped from England) was looking very, very dated – and simply awful when paired with plum colored bedding and curtains.


A sturdy pine armoire with nice molding details also made the journey across the Atlantic. What can I say, you’ve seen something like this a hundred times before, right?



The style of the art wasn’t right (not to mention being hung too high!), and I was permanently tousling with whether the wall with the bed on it, or the wall to the right (which happens to have a water view and attractive vaulted ceiling) should be the focal point of the room. After digging out some inspiration pics of beds against windows, I figured, to heck with it, and moved the bed so that it was on that wall. We have a second large window (facing the bed in the photo above), so loss of light was not a problem – although bright sunshine did create a challenge for an amateur photographer-blogger in her after shots. ;)

Once I decided I liked the new furniture layout, the real craziness began. It took me about 6 weeks to paint the bed, the drawers, the armoire, and the walls. Beloved Husband, poor thing, was recruited to do the ceiling. However, I kept the bedding and curtains, since they were only a couple of years old.

Here are our results:

Walls: Benjamin Moore’s “Stone Hearth(thank you, Maria Killam!)
Bed: painted in Behr’s “Swiss Coffee
Lamps: Lamps Plus

Dragonflies (high on wall above bed): Umbra

Drawers: Minwax white pickling stain
(not recommended – just use paint, instead)

Armoire: Painted in Behr’s “Verdigris”
(Thank you, Nester, for the courage to start this project!
Chair: HomeGoods, re-covered in “Carmen Miranda” fabric
by Full Swing Textiles

“Choose Joy” print: Eva Juliet
Cube side table: Amazon
Lamp: CSN (and thanks to Bromeliad for finding it!)

Sea Urchin beaded knobs: on clearance at Anthropologie
Accessories: from shopping the house :)

Beloved Husband deserves a big public hug for putting up with all this mayhem, including not getting too spooked by a wall color that appeared a bit too brown for his comfort, and for agreeing to me painting his dearest pine. I took on a little more than I could handle with all the aspects of this project, and with hindsight, I’m lucky he’s still talking to me.

So, hush, don’t tell him, but the most sacred guy-space in the house – our home office – is next on my list…

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46 Responses to Before and After: Master Bedroom

  1. Pam @ diy Design Fanatic says:

    Love it!! The little details really make it look great!

  2. Semi Expat says:

    Well, I knew it would be good with you at the helm but this is AMAZING Struggler…!! Absolutely incredible! Love the paint colours, love the transformation of the furniture especially. Many congratulations and I am sure BH is very proud of you too!! x

  3. Lisa's Creative Home says:

    Oh your master looks wonderful! I am in the midst of redoing my own master and am having a ball!

  4. Jan LaFollette says:

    Very nice room….I know, men love that "real wood" look. So, he is to be congratulated for taking the painting in stride. Likely, he recognizes how much better it looks and feels.

  5. Kathysue says:

    What a wonderful transformation.It is amazing how you gave it a more current fresh look. Kudos to YOU!! Bravo on a job well done,Kathysue

  6. Kim @ Savvy Southern Style says:

    Looks great. Love the color and fabric choices. Great accessorizing.

  7. Thoughtfully blended hearts says:

    Such a great makeover!!! I love your painted furniture and that valance is great…You should be very proud of this room, its great!!!

  8. Julia @ Hooked on Houses says:

    Love how fresh it all looks. Great paint color, too! The furniture looks brand new. So pretty!

  9. GB says:

    Struggler, I love the little touches around the room- very stylist like. The furniture looks fantastic (tho' I can only begin to imagine what a pain it must have been to paint!!) Love your little reading nook!! and how cute are the sea urchin knobs!!??! Well worth the six weeks' effort I say!

  10. Ann says:


    You pulled it off beautifully!

    I love every aspect of your decor. Painting that furniture is no little task.



  11. Elizabeth says:

    Oh my – it's just beautiful!! I love the furniture colour, the wall colour is beautiful, and that chair – wooooo! Love it so much. Great job!!!

  12. Petie says:

    Looks awesome! I love that urchin knob from Anthro. I've been repainting lots of furniture too. Not much fun, but the results feel good ;)

  13. Hermine says:

    Wow!!! I love the new look, most especially those dragonflies! I can just imagine painting them over with some sort of metallic black or lilac :)

  14. The Simply Luxurious Life says:

    It looks wonderful! Love all of the details and the bedside lamps are perfect. Congratulations and a job well done. :)

  15. Tricia Rose says:

    Well, that was worth the struggle! I like that you have subtly different tones playing against each other…

  16. Melissa says:

    It turned out absolutely fabulous!! My favorite little detail is the dragonflies but then I have a thing for dragonflies!!

  17. Sumi says:

    Fantastic makeover and yay! you went for the wicker basket side table thingy.
    The whole room is prefect,not over the top colourwise and yet perfectly cosy and put together.Awesome job.

  18. Lady Cardigan says:

    It looks very nice! Well done! I love the chair and the pillows.

  19. notSupermum says:

    Gorgeous. GORGEOUS! I love all of it, and it looks like something out of a house style magazine. You have a real talent there, is this something you have done professionally?

  20. says:

    That's it! I want you to come down and do our room! It looks fabulous, not that I didn't think that you could pull it off, but wow!

  21. Shelley says:

    I love every single inch of what you've done (personally, I hate pine), except that you gave up your ocean view from the bed. On the other hand, with all there is to do in a day, who has time to lie around staring out the window? It looks really beautiful – love the taupe, turquoise and white together. Well done! And find something really nice to do for hubbie for all his hard work (8 ft ceilings are bad enough, never mind vaulted ones!).

  22. The Buzz says:

    What a lovely, colorful yet peaceful room – painting all the furniture must have been fun!

  23. Janell @ Isabella and Max says:

    The painted furniture makes the biggest difference, the pieces are now so light and fresh. And the layout, great idea…good luck with the home office! Janell

  24. claudia b says:

    Great job! I love the way it turned out!

  25. The Nester says:

    It turned out beautiful, the furniture is so nice and now you can enjoy it for years to come. Oh and that CHAIR! I love it!

  26. sherry says:

    I LOVE everything painted white! I KNOW that was a lot of work [speaking from experience!] And the chair came out great!

  27. Tanja @ Postmodern Hostess says:

    This looks great! Well worth the wait for the big reveal. I love how all of the different shades of white work together, and the little details like the cute knobs, the dragonflies and the art and frames make such a big difference.

    Excellent work!


  28. Carmie, the Single Nester says:

    This looks fantastic! Great job.

  29. Vix says:

    Agree, definitely worth the wait! Your colors are perfect for a sunny California bedroom with a water view.

    I have to admit I about fainted when I realized you talked Mr S into letting you repaint ALL the pine. What a laborious undertaking that was! In retrospect, are you happy he agreed to it, ha?

    Congrats on the final outcome and please RELAX and enjoy it before diving into another project!

    ps Still in massive love with the fabric on your chair/throw pillows.

  30. anhesty says:


  31. Atticmag says:

    I feel the change in color (especially furniture) makes a huge difference. You must be so pleased with the changes.

    News! On Friday we're starting a link-up-your-giveaway party (and we'll announce an amazing giveaway). Please join us at

    Jane F.

  32. Taylor-Ann says:

    Love the makeover. The corner chair pops with color (love that). Great job!

  33. Rene says:

    Your bedroom is stunning! It looks so fresh now. The colors you used are so soft and inviting and that chair is amazing.


  34. Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia says:

    oh I love it, wonderful transformation. I'm in love with Armoire and that chair…oh, how I love that chair!

  35. Struggler says:

    OK, this is way too much kindness for one blog posting.
    Semi Expat, I think Beloved Husband is just grateful to have some peace and quiet and to be sleeping in his own bed, regardless of what color it now is.
    Sumi, yes, the little cube/table is surprisingly good for the money. Plus, it's a little secret storage place!
    NotSupermum, no, of course, absolutely no professional experience here. Given that this room was 'started' 3 years ago, I don't think I'd make a very good hourly rate :)
    Gwen, you are a big sweetie, and far too kind.
    Shelly, whilst we do have a salt-water view, it's not actually the ocean but a man-made thingy. There are houses across the 'lagoon' – maybe 200 yards away. So we didn't do too much lying in bed looking at the water, even with the bed on the other wall.
    Vix, as mentioned above, hubby just yearns for a quiet life. Once he realized the bed was going to be white, I think he decided to just stand back and let me get on with it :)

  36. Kuzak's Closet says:

    I love the colorful side chair! You should link this up to Sister Sister Sunday!

  37. Neha Ramabhadran says:

    Love the make over!! Great job done. Specially love the painted armoire and the yummy wall paint! :)

  38. Style Attic says:

    WOW! Struggle no more my friend!! Your bedroom is a celebration of sweet success :) The armoire color and the bold pattern next to it is perfection.

  39. Bromeliad says:

    Oooo. Love it. The Carmen Miranda was so worth it.

    And I love the CSN lamp. I think I helped you pick it out. (Smile.)

  40. Bromeliad says:

    p.s. But unlike me, you actually made a choice and bought something. In the time it took you to completely redo the bedroom, I'm still waffling over a lamp.

  41. Ana - Toil and Trouble says:

    This looks amazing, how exciting! How jealous am I of your amazing knobs? Very!

  42. Kari says:

    Oh, wow. I'd hardly say that your room was awful before, but the finished result is a stunning transformation. It is such a cool and calming room, and I love the small details – the knobs on the dresser, the books used as an accent to the vase, the sweet dragonflies and mixed floral printed pillows – make the room look so extra special.

    Thank you for sharing the final result after all of your hard work!

  43. Wendy says:

    Congrats on a job well done … love the new wall and furniture colour and all the little bits :-) Awesome

  44. Katy says:

    Oh me goodness!!! LOVELY! Great choice of color on the armoire – I really believe that paint may be the best thing EVAH!! ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by the blog too!

  45. pk @ Room Remix says:

    Well, all of the time you invested in painting really paid off! The fresh white furniture against the warmer wall color makes such a dramatic difference. And how fun is the chair?!!! Great job.

  46. It was fun to see this again and I STILL like it! Thanks so much for linking up to the Paint Party. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend…

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