Three New BFFs for Decorating

Sometimes, it’s the smallest things in life which can make you happiest.

It’s 13 years since I first painted a room, in my tiny London flat where you could practically stand in the middle of the room and reach all 4 walls. Even now, I’m still finding gadgets to make the job just a little easier and less of a trauma. Here are three that I’ve added to my toolkit this year, and best of all, not one of them costs more than a few dollars.

1. Flexible Paint Spout
My new BFF happens to be yellow, but this guy looks pretty similar. It allows you to pour paint easily (from different size cans) without dribbling it everywhere, and improves your chances of getting a good airtight seal when you’re finished. It’s really easy to wash and costs around a dollar. If you hate yukky dribbly cans, you need one of these.

2. Paint Edger
I was totally skeptical about this, and you could have knocked me down with a feather when I tried it and it actually worked. Previously, we had taped off the ceiling before painting the wall in an attempt to get a reasonably straight edge. This chap makes it faster and better, as long as the thing you’re edging meets the other surface at a right angle and if you’re careful to keep the paint off the little wheels. Best $4 – $5 I ever spent on decorating: I’ll never tackle another room without one.

3. Mini Paint Roller Kit
Not only is this cute in such a mini size, but it only costs $3 – $4 and will get you a more professional finish, faster than a brush, when painting furniture or similar sized small projects. I used one of these for my bedroom armoire and loved the quality of the outcome. If, like me, you hate washing larger rollers, this makes clean-up much easier too.

At this point, I could put in a nice, fancy disclaimer about not having received any incentives to promote these products. However, if you think for one moment this blog is influential enough to attract promotional requests, you’re totally deluded (but I love you anyway and thanks for the flattery).

Suffice to say, any manufacturer who sends me dark chocolate in bulk will receive a product plug on this blog. For everything else, opinions are entirely my own ;)

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11 Responses to Three New BFFs for Decorating

  1. Tricia Rose says:

    I haven't tried the tiny roller, but I have all the new skirting board (so glad you know what I'm talking about!) to paint BEFORE installing it, apres le deluge – so this may be the time.

  2. Kathysue says:

    Looks like all good products!!! I am with you on the chocolate, here, here!!!!

  3. Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia says:

    I'm a white chocolate whore!
    Glad to know these new BFF because I've decided to paint our bedroom -never mind the hubs opinion.
    I see shopping in my future.
    (and I know they totally send you that $3 dollar roller!)

  4. Ana - Toil and Trouble says:

    I agree with you on the mini roller, but those edger thingies did NOT work for me. I had better luck edging by hand with a brush. I don't bother taping anymore.

  5. Style Attic says:

    I agree with Ana, the edger was a total waste of $. Mini roller a go and I love the paint spout. Friends forever!

  6. Savvy Gal says:

    i don't mind painting, just the preparation. : )

  7. Britta says:

    Dear Who Is Struggler,
    found your blog just in time!
    We are moving fom Hamburg to Berlin now (moving the umptiest time, but you always can learn something new :-) And when I saw your header about pink rooms (I do have one, although – on the surface – I am quite grown-up – I jumped in to follow you! (I think from my two blogs you will prefer before 'Gardening in High Heels', but who knows?

  8. JulieB says:

    Will have to investigate if you can get those in the UK, they look quite handy. Either that, or get a man in to do my next painting job for me!

  9. Karena says:

    I must get all three, I will even try the edger. because I abhor taping.

    I have a Giveaway by the French Basketeer that I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  10. The Buzz says:

    I have always shied away for painting a room myself – I couldn't get my mind around the mess and imperfections. Love this post and perhaps and can make some best friends, too!

  11. Kuzak's Closet says:

    I can't wait to paint again! Living in our rental house is cramping my style. Thanks for the great tips!

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