Tickle in Style!

No, this isn’t a kinky post about pink feathers and boudoirs. It’s about the more mundane, but (possibly) more important concept of remembering to do things at the right time. :)

Electronic (or paper) calendars are an obvious solution, but many people need a more visual prompt for the item which needs to be acted on, paid, or sent with the kids to school, on a certain day.

Check out these options and tell me which is your favorite tickler.

Daily corkboard organizers by Uncorked give you seven mini bulletin boards, and pins for each day of the week. These would look really cool hung side-by-side in a kitchen or home office:

Pottery Barn used to offer a standard “tickler” system, with 1-31 numbered slots in a desk organizer. However, for most domestic purposes, that felt a bit like overkill – and looked to me as if it belonged in a Dickens novel. I prefer this concept, the Cubby Organizer. Beware though, with 25 numbered slots, you might need to be creative for tasks which fall in the last week of the month. :)

These Do/Ponder/File folders are a friendly reminder not to take your paperwork too seriously. However, you will have to remember to check their contents regularly: “file it and forget it” will not fly here!

Finally, in the spirit of saving the best for last, check out this wonderful Clothesline Organizing System by Freckled Laundry for an example of how to give the Pottery Barn design team a serious run for their money, for much less cash. Be sure to click through to see photos of the complete system.

I pay almost all of our bills online automatically, with the exception of our hefty Property Tax bill, which just arrived in the mail. It’s against all my principles to pay something of this size too early, but forgetting about it could be really expensive, too. I’m marking my calendar but will be pinning it on the wall, too, with one of my new map magnets made by Miss Chief at Etsy.

How do you keep an eye on future paperwork? Or should I say, how do you like to be tickled?

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11 Responses to Tickle in Style!

  1. Style Attic says:

    Funny, have 2 of the above mentioned. The classic (slightly boring) slot box and I also have adorable painted clothes hangars with the days of the week on them. I start clipping over the weekend the must do's for that week under the appropriate day. When I run out of the house, I grab the clip and everything is with me while I'm out and about! I have yet to find a fireproof system for my brain and the contents I try desperately to keep in it :) Kelly

  2. Desperately Seeking Sanity says:

    Oh I do like…. I am definitely going to try out some of these ideas starting with the clothes pegs…..nice and cheap luv it… I got myself a wonderful weekend project –yippeeee….. [How sad am I...Looking forward to a peg project!!]

  3. GB says:

    Love the do/ponder file folders. And am a strong believer in automated payments! That's for the bills….but the kid/school stuff really needs to be better organized. So far, I rely on fridge magnets for those but as life gets busier, I need to find a better system! Love this post (as usual!).

  4. Semi Expat says:

    Great ideas as ever…. and I love the pegs especially… x

  5. pk @ Room Remix says:

    Great organizing ideas! I think the little corkboards with the pins are so cute and I love the image of the cubby organizer. I wouldn't care if it kept me organized or not, I would just like looking at it. :-)

  6. Karla @ {The Classy Woman} says:

    Another fantastic post! The little corkboards are great and I like the simple clothespegs too. Those folders are funny!

    You just reminded me that our property tax bill is just around the corner. Ugh.

  7. The Buzz says:

    Given that I forgot to cancel the sitter last night and she arrived just as the hubby was driving into the driveway, I need any and all of these to tickle my memory. Where does it go after you hit the big 4-0??
    Hope your weekend in memorable!

  8. Britta says:

    Dear Struggler,
    I love those ideas! Liking to be organized I am in for buying beautiful Timers – although it is very wise to use only one at a time :-) , and I love To-Do-Lists. In my book HomeBasics I try to show young men how to get organized and tidy – well: mothers and girlfriends buy that book, 3rd edition now :-)

  9. Bromeliad says:

    I alternate between my Outlook calendar and writing things on the palm of my hand with a ballpoint pen.

  10. Kari says:

    I've been thinking of you and your blog a lot this week, because my aunt and I have been exploring her beautiful new home and making some decisions about decorating decisions, and also visiting fun craft and antique fairs. Some of the items we saw made me wonder what you would do with them in your home.

    The clothespins are a great idea! Unfortunately my organizational methods are pretty boring. Mostly everything is in my work Outlook calendar, and crucial items are flagged with (real, not virtual) post-its. I use calendars mostly for the pretty pictures.

    Hope that you are enjoying your week away kayaking!

  11. Gwen@ChewDigestBooks.com says:

    Darn it, I wanted to be tickled!

    I have a problem when it comes to calendars and being organized. If it isn't right there in front of me (or if I am not eagerly looking forward to it) I forget.

    On the other hand, it isn't like I want a huge wall calender staring at me in either my bedroom or living room wall.

    I love your idea of the cubbies, but they would have to be big enough to fit books by release date and that might take over an entire wall!

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