Nuts about Berries

Are you getting just a little tired of pumpkins? I’m not sure about other parts of the English-speaking world, but in my little corner of the USA, these orange guys are everywhere. And much as I love them (especially if someone strong does the culinary prep work for me), I really am ready for another angle on autumn – something still seasonal, but perhaps just a little less obvious?

How delightful, then, to have these wonderful new berry prints by artist Eva Juliet appear last week on my Facebook feed. I already have one of her beautiful Choose Joy prints in my bedroom, but I don’t mind saying, I’m obsessed with this seasonal collection and am trying to figure out how to make house room for the set. The only dilemma is whether the English or French names are cuter:

Here is Blackberry, on its own:

And the very stylish French version of Cranberry:

Naturally, the kitchen would be a great spot for these, but at just $75 for all four, I’m thinking they would work in nicely in my dining room or guest room, too.

If you can’t justify buying any more artwork for your walls, in the course of my diligent berry research on your behalf, I also came across this rather lovely piece of wearable art: a raspberry pendant by Lunacy Glass. It’s beautifully detailed and modestly priced at $29.

And of course, I can’t wrap up a posting about berries without tempting you with some of the real thing. If you’ve no room for art or a jewelry purchase, you can partake of berry season in the traditional way: by eating some. Cacao Bakery boasts 100% positive feedback and is offering these mouth-watering Triple Berry Muffins for $15.

If you’re visiting friends or relatives during the next few months, just combine a box of these with one of the items above, and you’ll receive a warm welcome wherever you go.

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5 Responses to Nuts about Berries

  1. claudia b says:

    Considering our last name is Berry, I absolutely LOVE these!!! Much better than being Mrs. Pumpkin, no? :D

  2. Semi Expat says:

    Agree with you about pumpkins – the trick is to get someone (Mr SE!) to do the culinary prep.!! But I love your berry framed pics – I vote for them in the dining room/area. Great. x

  3. Style Attic says:

    You crack me up! That first line about pumpkins is hilarious. I love that pendant, love your fruity wisdom to end my day :) XO

  4. Kek says:

    Ooh, I love those prints – I'm currently mad about vintage botanicals, but I could see those on my wall…

  5. Janell @ Isabella and Max says:

    Sweet…these "botanical" prints are wonderful, I like the simplicity of them. You are right, they would be nice hung in a kitchen! Janell

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