Dusty or Disorganized?

Well, apparently, this week was National Spring Cleaning Week.  Too bad I missed it… luckily there’s always next year :)

The truth is, a clean home is not the same as an organized home, and I don’t mind telling you that while I love organizing, I am definitely lacking the same passion for cleaning.  At any given time, my home is never particularly messy, but it has its fair share of cobwebs in corners and slightly streaky windows.  The wonderful thing is, that even with a light layer of dust, tidy spaces still feel cared for and welcoming.  And if you do then find yourself in the mood to clean, an organized home is much easier to deal with: some rooms take as little as half the time to clean, once they’re de-cluttered.  In an average home, that’s a large time saving.

Dishtowels, Anthropologie

So if you’ve had a busy few months and feel that Spring is a great time to bring your home back under control, I’d suggest you clarify first whether your space is more in need of organizing, or cleaning.  If it’s both, for goodness sake, tackle them as separate projects rather than attempting to be Mary Poppins in one afternoon.

Ironing Board Cover: City Chic Country Mouse

And please be wary of any organizing books and websites which devote large amounts of space talking about cleaning schedules, habits and systems.  I strongly believe these are different topics, and you’d be wise to deal with your organizing challenges first, to smooth the way for your cleaning aspirations.

I’m curious: if you could choose between a visit from a team of Professional Cleaners, or a team of Professional Organizers, which would you pick?

If you chose ‘Organizers’ and would like friendly, confidential help to turn chaos into calm, contact me to take the first step. If you chose ‘Cleaners’ – very sorry, you’re on your own…

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6 Responses to Dusty or Disorganized?

  1. Tricia Rose says:

    Oh Pauline, you are my sister!

    I tell myself I have CLEAN dust, since it is mostly linen fibres…

  2. Bromeliad says:

    I totally agree. A tidy home is so much easier to clean. That’s why I became a minimalist in the first place. You start to hate junk when you have to clean it.

  3. Dana@mid2mod says:

    I’m a fairly organized person, but the older I get, the harder it is to do the deep housecleaning I used to do. I think I’d take the professional cleaners.

  4. Carrie says:

    I’d rather have a professional organizer! That service would last a lifetime if kept up but in a few days or week I’d have to clean all over again!

  5. Cleaners all the way! I actually enjoy organizing (at least most of the time), but I could be happy never cleaning anything ever again. Like you, I tend to go for tidiness over true cleanliness, and I agree completely — it’s much more welcoming that way.

  6. Shelley says:

    I used to spend hours I did not have picking up stuff before the maid came to clean. Never mind the money, I quit having a maid after a few times because it was too much work. ANYONE can do cleaning – only I can put my stuff away (and hope to find it again). So, being both dusty AND disorganised, I’d go for the organiser first!

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