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Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a talk and book signing with Living The Savvy Life authors Melissa Tosetti and Kevin Gibbons.

Living the Savvy LifeThe book is a guide to “Smart Spending and Rich Living” and the whole basis is that you decide what’s important to you, and spend money there, while economizing on areas which are lower priority.

For example, Melissa loves to travel, but is not bothered what car she drives. For me, our home is a major expense but we don’t have cable TV and are quite happy eating out at Fresh Choice. Plus, I love running, libraries and napping, which are all wonderful free hobbies!

During the talk, and subsequently when I devoured most of the book on Sunday afternoon, I realized just how many links there are between being organized and being in control of your finances.

Consider these costs:

~ Late fees on bills
~ Gift cards you’ve misplaced
~ Duplicate purchases of things you own, but can’t find
~ Last-minute purchases for special occasions you forgot
~ Food thrown away, because you didn’t plan when you’d eat it
~ Take-out meals, because there’s nothing to eat at home
~ Gas used on errands, which could have been grouped

Author Melissa Tosetti

Author Melissa Tosetti


I’m sure you get the picture.  Add to this the potential income you could make from selling the clutter that you own and never use, and it becomes easy to see that time spent organizing quickly pays off in real cash.

So, if the weather is bad this weekend, why not fore-go the movie or restaurant outing?  Spend an afternoon doing a bit of decluttering, take care of outstanding bills, and make yourself a meal plan for next week.  You’ll be richer for it.

How else does being organized save you money?

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8 Responses to Savvy and Organized

  1. This is all so true, and really hits home for us as we’re in full-time aggressive savings mode these days.

    I think you’ve hit all the big ways that organizing saves, but I’d add to that list groceries for dinner tonight, all bought at full price because you didn’t plan ahead. As I’ve discovered just HOW MUCH coupons can save, I look back and am slightly horrified at how much more I used to spend on groceries and drugstore items just because I didn’t do a little advance planning. But I will say that being organized is HUGELY important. Before I developed a system for organizing coupons, I was buying stuff without realizing that I had a coupon for it right in my purse! :-)

  2. Shelley says:

    I think having a pantry list of ingredients and keeping the cupboards stocked with those items, buying when things are on sale, saves a huge amount of money. Everyone’s pantry list will be slightly different, but the idea is about cooking from scratch. Somehow people have been convinced (by advertising, no doubt) that this is really hard, when it actually is not.

  3. Wow – I don’t know of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from this book and I wonder if the local library has it already! I’m typing this and chucking as I’ve just spent the better half of the day taking pictures of purses I never used to put up on eBay… Great resource and thanks for sharing, Pauline!

  4. Stitchfork says:

    On my to-do list is some serious de-cluttering! I did not inherit a sales and bartering trait so I wish I could find someone to hold a garage sale for me. Great tips Pauline – thanks for sharing!

  5. Gwen says:

    I had never thought about the ways that being organized is so vital to saving money, great connection! It’s funny too, because the one area of my life that I am really organized about is my coupons, gift cards, sales flyers and such. I guess that, subconsciously, it serves as a motivating factor for me to be organized.

    Hmm, maybe I should start paying myself an allowance to get the rest of things organized? Very immature, but it just might work!

  6. Janell Beals says:

    Oh, yes, this is a topic I love! Interesting connection between being organized and saving money…I’ve never really thought of it in this way, but it makes sense! Janell

  7. Hi! I’ve come across your blog from my friend Claudia at Casa de Berry.

    I love the idea of de-cluttering. I’ve also realized that just by de-cluttering how much more creative I get when designing my jewelry. Also, a clean space, for me doesn’t make me feel panic. For some reason, I get very overwhelmed when I am in crowded disorganized spaces.

    It wasn’t until about 5 years ago when we were living in Arizona that I actually started to take advantage of the circulars that came in the mail – you know – the ones for the grocery store where they advertise their meats and produce at certain prices. I was fortunate enough to have our home located near 3 of the 4 major markets that had the best Farmers Market produce in the valley. I would literally spend $60 on groceries and would be able to feed my husband and myself for 7-10 days on what I purchased.

    I also keep the basics in my pantry – chicken stock, spices, flour, sugar, etc. I had a well organized and well-oiled machine for a kitchen. Ah, how I miss that!

    I also believe that planning your menu for the week definitely saves you lots of money.

  8. Style Attic says:

    I am loving the idea of a book to accompany me in my purging of my home. I can’t stand clutter and no matter now organized I am, I must be OCD and still look at my life and think I can scale down even more! Thanks for the recommendation, I can’t wait to pick it up :) XO

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