Sniff Out Your Stress Sources

So much is written about Stress Reduction techniques these days that I was honestly wondering what value I could add to the topic.  In doing so, I realized that I rarely see encouragement to pause for a moment and consider what is really triggering your stress in the first place.

Of course, if your cat is sick, your husband lost his job and your mother is dating Charlie Sheen, you will have some obvious stress sources in your life.  But what about the daily, ongoing stress which sits on your shoulder as a chattering monkey, or snaps at your heels like a tireless terrier?

I believe a first step to reducing stress is to ponder where it’s coming from. It might be:

Home Studio, via Etsy

Home Studio, via Etsy

~ Information stress: too much, coming too fast, from too many sources.

~ Spending too much time doing things you don’t love.

~ Unrealistic expectations of how much you can get done in a day.

~ Unwillingness to say No (check out this article on how to alleviate stress by becoming more assertive ).

~ Priorities out of line with those of your partner, family, or boss.

~ Visual stress caused by clutter.

~ Living too much in the future rather than enjoying the present (dip into this fascinating book, The Time Paradox).

~ Unfinished projects & tasks.

My guess is, you won’t be suffering from all of these stress causes, but identifying the ones which are causing trouble in your life might help you nip them in the bud, rather than just dealing with the consequences via long walks and yoga.

Personally, I need to rein in my expectations and focus more on living in the present.  How about you?

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6 Responses to Sniff Out Your Stress Sources

  1. Setting realistic expectations around what I can accomplish in a day (and in a week) and learning to say no to opportunities that don’t excite me have both been very helpful in reducing my stress levels. Great post!

  2. Stitchfork says:

    Something a friend told me once stuck – it’s important to take a deep breath, but just as important to breathe out too. And I too need to focus on present more.
    xo Cathy

  3. I’m definitely spending WAAAAAY too much time doing something I don’t love, but unfortunately, that’s what pays the bills. :-)

    I definitely have the future-focus problem in a big way, and I often have to remind myself to live in the present moment. (Of course, I could stand to remind myself a lot more often!)

  4. Sarah (Semi Expat) says:

    I think you are so right about living in the present rather than the future.. think I do need to check out the book you mentioned. And visual clutter..hmm do definitely need to do something about that. x

  5. Sniff says:

    Visual clutter was causing me a lot of stress. But now that I have refurbished, finally that can be checked out of my list of stressful things in my life. I’ve found I can live just as good, maybe even much better, with only half of the belongings I used to have.

  6. Very true about not living in the moment, I struggle with that quite a bit! How can anyone feel at ease when their mind is thinking about all the things on the to do lists? I do try to spend at least one hour a day doing the things I love which creates focus, another great point.

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