A Day in the Life

Following the noble example set by others like Postmodern Hostess, and ignoring the fact that no two days as a Professional Organizer are alike, I decided to share an example of my daily meanderings. Here are my goings-on from last Friday:

6:00AM The alarm clock has the desired effect by about 6:10.  Breakfast, as always, is cereal with blueberries, which I confess I eat in front of the computer as I check emails and catch up with “vital” news via Facebook and Twitter – and the BBC, of course.  I also review a great guest blog post which has arrived from the very talented Bromeliad – here’s a sneak peak, and look for the full scoop on Thursday.


Photo: Matchbook

7:30 Today I’m hosting a small pow-wow of Professional Organizers, so naturally I spend a bit of time putting the house in order.  The downstairs bathroom and kitchen are prime targets.  You didn’t think I lived in pristine perfection when guests are not expected, did you? :)

8:30 Off out for a run – only a short one, but relatively speedy by my standards. I’ve no plans for further marathon attempts, but I would like to get a bit faster over short distances.   You’ll be pleased to hear I followed this sweatiness with a shower.

10:00 Fellow Professional Organizers Jeri Dansky, Margaret Lukens and Chris Stovall arrive for our monthly catch-up.  Because organizers usually work alone, it’s great to compare notes with others from time to time and I love how collaborative (rather than competitive) our profession seems to be.  The San Francisco Bay Area chapter holds larger meetings too, but to cut down on driving time, smaller geographic groups also exist.  I’m extremely lucky to be able to pick the brains of these three, who between them have many years of experience and wisdom.  We discuss websites, blogging, ethics and more.

12:00PM A quick salad for lunch and the inevitable check of emails…

12:45 I head out to my afternoon client, who lives on the other side of the Bay.  We have a great session finishing work on her craft area (now functional, beautiful and labeled!) and start to tackle her desk. The finished craft area is almost good enough for a Martha photo shoot: my client and I are both thrilled. Her husband puts his head around the door and comments “Wow, it’s  a room again!”.

4:45 Time to head home.  A bit of Friday afternoon traffic is unavoidable, but the view from the San Mateo bridge makes it worth it. I stop off at the ATM for the all-important banking of money earned, which this week comes from a nice blend of fees from a clutter workshop, hands-on client time and payment for an article I wrote.

Photo: Pinetree3

Photo: Pinetree3

5:45 Yay, back home, but of course I get sucked into the computer immediately, albeit with a nice mug of tea at my side.  I research e-waste recycling options for my client, update my financial records for the week, and handle a few random bits and pieces.

6:45 Realize dinner won’t make itself and rummage in the freezer: Chicken Kiev for him, pasta for me.  I would like to eat more healthily and cook from scratch more often, but it’s certainly not going to happen on a Friday night. As a result of my scrabbling, I’m hit in the eye by a falling bag of beefburgers and acknowledge that organizing the freezer would be a smart move…

7:30 We eat dinner together, at the table, with the radio on.  This is our daily “quality” time  and I confess I feel disconnected from hubby if we miss more than one night in a row. He, on the other hand, would probably welcome the peace and quiet to have me out of his hair.  :)

Fabrics: Smith & Noble

Fabrics: Smith & Noble

8:00 No glamorous nightlife for us: I like my Friday evenings to be quiet and most definitely short. After attending a great design workshop last week at The Conscious Home, I’m feeling inspired to tackle our ‘blah’ guest room.  Some swatches have arrived (courtesy of the long-suffering Smith and Noble), so I spend a bit of time fantasizing over those before coming down to earth with my current book, life and career advice from Cathie Black.  But the eyelids are heavy: by shortly after 9:00, I’m re-acquainted with my duvet.

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7 Responses to A Day in the Life

  1. Thank you for sharing your day! (And thank you for the shout-out.) :-)

    I would love to see some “before and after” shots of some of your client projects, if they’d give permission. You know we bloggy ladies love that kind of thing, and I’m sure it would inspire a lot of people to see what you’re up to. Especially when you conjure the name of Martha to describe a project, you know you’ve got me curious!

    Good for you, also, for continuing to run and work on improving! I have not been running at all, despite the fact that I have a race scheduled in just under six months. Eek!

    Happy Monday!


  2. Shelley says:

    It does sound as though your ‘new’ career is working out – well done you!

  3. Bromeliad says:

    I was thinking the same thing – I wanna see that craft room.

  4. I get together with a group of local virtual assistants once a month as well. It really is a great way to share ideas and support one another.

  5. Mary says:

    Sounds like a busy but great day! I have to say you inspired me in your previous post regarding clutter. I started again and decluttered a couple rooms. It’s amazing how “light” one feels after!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Nice. I like to hear about your day and now I can imagine you as you go about your Professional organising around San Francisco. I too have to have my daily catch up with the BBC news! XX

  7. Holly says:

    I love “a day in the life…” posts. It’s fun to see what other people’s days are like. You are a busy and inspiring lady ;)

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