Moving? Don’t Let Your Clutter Cost You.

You don’t have to be moving house to benefit from a good de-cluttering session.

But if you do find yourself pulling up your roots, here are 3 good reasons to start getting rid of what you don’t need:

Photo: Linda DuBose

Photo: Linda DuBose

1. Potential buyers for your home will view it as smaller and less desirable if you have too much clutter around.  Frankly, when you list your home for sale and want it to look appealing, the less stuff, the better.  Take a look at any space that’s been staged, and you’ll see why.  And unlike having friends over for a party, buyers will be looking in all your closets, the garage, and probably the kitchen cabinets, too.

2. You might fool yourself into buying, or moving to, a bigger place than you really need.  If you can get really serious about trimming back your possessions, you may surprise yourself that you don’t really need that extra room.  And this could mean you can afford to move to a nicer home in a better neighborhood.

3. And finally, the most obvious reason to have a good purge: don’t put in the time, effort and cost to shift things you don’t need.  Be honest: don’t you have boxes still sitting unpacked from the last time you moved?  Or at least, bulky, heavy items that you never use? Imagine a box falling off the moving truck and into a river on its way to your new home.  Would you replace the contents of the box?  If not, that might be an indication that it’s not worth moving.

Take this opportunity to say goodbye and travel light – you’ll make a fresher start as a result.

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6 Responses to Moving? Don’t Let Your Clutter Cost You.

  1. Janell Beals says:

    ha, been there, done this. Moved, and moved again without opening the boxes inbetween. I’m learning…Janell

  2. Shelley says:

    Must admit there were some boxes in the loft for a while that I could have gone without opening. I did put a bunch of computer cables and stuff into a ziplock bag with a date on it. Bill only needed one thing out of it in the whole year, so I’ve convinced him to ditch the rest. I like to look at posh houses for sale to see how they’ve styled them and get ideas about how we could be less cluttered. I have to admit that I’m the worst of the two of us, but having said there will be only these 3 items (one of mine, two of Bill’s) on the mantel in the bedroom, it’s a constant battle to keep his clutter off it…I expect we’re going to be hopeless, in part because we don’t plan to move for years and years. I’m still working on it, though.

  3. I recognized that sculpture from the Sacramento airport right away! I have always found those old luggage towers so clever. :-)

    Though I am as guilty as anyone of letting unnecessary things creep into our home, I have had several cross-country moves that always remind me: “Don’t keep anything that I would resent having to move.” Sadly, Mark has not had as many moves, and doesn’t see the need to live this philosophy on a regular basis. We ended up tossing and donating a whole bunch of stuff right before we moved into our current place, and I’m REALLY hoping we can start cleaning things out ASAP, rather than waiting until our next move to force us to do it all very quickly.

    Thank you for the reminder! Now that our renovations are done, I think the great decluttering of 2011 must commence! :-)


  4. Mary says:

    Hello! I found you from Hooked on Houses and am so glad I did.
    Although I haven’t moved in a while, I do go on frequent decluttering missions – I have 4 daughters and it’s amazing how clutter just GROWS. I feel so much better to be organized and so do my kids – although they have trouble admitting it!
    I’m a Brit too (hence my blog). I have just become your latest follower!
    have a great day,

  5. No matter how organized I am in my day-to-day life, or how much stuff I purge before moving, I always end up getting rid of even more once I’m in my new place!

  6. Bromeliad says:

    I once helped someone move whose stuff was worth less than the truck rental. (We had to rent two trucks and almost a third because the dog house would not fit. Took a lot of persuasion to get them to chuck a few things to avoid a third truck. )

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