“Pauline is fantastic! Just the right blend of enthusiasm, energy, patience, wisdom, ideas, humor, flexibility, and respect for the fact that this is YOUR space and stuff that she’s working with. She provided the confidence and determination to attack the job in the first place. She provided the ideas – how to group things the most efficient way, how to decide whether to keep or toss things, how precious “prime real estate” should be used – all according to my personal needs.  In the end, with her help, and multiple visits, we were able to produce an office with the things I use frequently easily accessible, without bins of misc stuff all over the place, with a desk I can actually see (!), and with files that store papers in ways I can find them when needed.”  – NL

“I can’t recommend Pauline highly enough. Her enthusiasm, positive attitude, patience, and understanding made this project so enjoyable AND successful. But it’s not just her attitude; her concrete ideas were pragmatic and extremely helpful, and somehow in all these years I’d never thought of them myself. She clearly has a gift for organization, and for working with people. What a gem!”  – NL

“I loved our session! You are incredible at this.  So many people have commented on my desk! It looks fantastic. Thanks for the tips.”  – FP

“Pauline doesn’t miss a detail in anything that she does.  She thinks through the implication of every last detail and what should be done to make everything perfect.” – LW

“Pauline is very calm, cheerful and pragmatic.  She talked me through my goals and what I wanted to get accomplished in THAT visit vs. over the entire series of visits, putting it all into perspective.  She also talked to me about what I could do myself after she finished her first visit, which was about three hours in total.  Pauline asks you questions and gets you to think about what you really need vs. what you are just used to keeping because that is what you have always done.  That first visit got me excited and prepared to do my own second closet in my office.  I am not done and I will call Pauline again soon to help me.” – LR

“I can throw any problem at you and you have an approach and tools to solve it.  You communicate insights in a thoughtful, accessible way that anyone can understand. Your organization is flawless.” – AM

“You also have a great sense of seeing what is to come, what resources may be needed, what level of commitment a project might entail, and more. You are a great risk assessor and manager, pragmatic and thoughtful – this helps us stay on track and has greatly contributed to the great progress we’ve made this year.” – AM

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