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I’m taking a break to visit family, soak up some mellow Englishness, and hopefully chill out a bit.  See you soon!

John Lewis

John Lewis

Kings Lane to Kings Road

The little vignette below tells you exactly what’s on my mind today: I’m heading for London next week and am not sure whether I’m more excited about seeing my family, getting stuck into a bacon bap, or filling my suitcase with “essential” English purchases.

Not that I need any help getting in the mood… but here’s a bit of interior fantasizing, featuring my current Stateside obsession, One Kings Lane, with a bit of accessorizing help from British retail dream John Lewis.

If you fancy any of  the One Kings Lane goodies, you’d better move fast, as they are selling rapidly and many items are only up for grabs through tomorrow.  As for John Lewis, they promise to start shipping internationally very soon, so if you live west of Land’s End, you might want to drop them a line to egg them on a bit.

One Kings Lane heads to London

One Kings Lane heads to London, Polyvore.com

3 Things You Should Do in the Next 3 Days

Snowy Cambridge Bikes: photo by Philip Howie

Good Golly Miss Molly, I knew December was getting a tad frantic, but I didn’t realize I would emerge from my pleasantly jet-lagged, sugar-stuffed haze to find just 3 days left in 2010.  After a bizarrely snowy visit to southern England, which was dreamily pretty for the first 48 hours and then, frankly, a little irritating, I’m thrilled to bits to be back in California.

But with the year slipping away, I’m resisting the temptation to start (another) diet, de-clutter the entire house, and list 20 ambitious January resolutions.  Instead, I’m aiming for just these 3 things in the next 3 days.  Why not try them, too? Read More…

10 Long-Haul Travel Tips, Part 2

It’s always good to expect delays when traveling, and this Part 2 post is reaching you a little late, too. :)

Thanks to all of you who weighed in on Part 1 – I’ve summarized your wisdom a bit further down.

Once upon a time, I worked for an airline and enjoyed the delights of business class long-haul travel. Alas, those days are long gone and I’m now in economy for 100% of my trips. Luckily, I have perfected the art of sleeping in my little seat. My rituals help me hugely and I believe they convince my body it’s time to nap.  My sleep routine includes:

Union Jack socks, by The Sock Shop

5. Shoes come off and are replaced with the loose socks I brought with me. I am, however, a teeny bit superstitious and never do this until we’re nicely above the clouds, just in case a fast exit through a fiery cabin is needed as a result of a botched take-off. (Don’t worry, this is a highly unlikely scenario!)

6. Earplugs and eye mask are essential. Even if you think your earplugs aren’t blocking out sound, after a few minutes they will expand in your ear and help enormously in drowning out the squeals of little people in distress. Unless, of course, you are traveling with little people, in which case you might need to re-think this one. Read more…

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