Kings Lane to Kings Road

The little vignette below tells you exactly what’s on my mind today: I’m heading for London next week and am not sure whether I’m more excited about seeing my family, getting stuck into a bacon bap, or filling my suitcase with “essential” English purchases.

Not that I need any help getting in the mood… but here’s a bit of interior fantasizing, featuring my current Stateside obsession, One Kings Lane, with a bit of accessorizing help from British retail dream John Lewis.

If you fancy any of  the One Kings Lane goodies, you’d better move fast, as they are selling rapidly and many items are only up for grabs through tomorrow.  As for John Lewis, they promise to start shipping internationally very soon, so if you live west of Land’s End, you might want to drop them a line to egg them on a bit.

One Kings Lane heads to London

One Kings Lane heads to London,

Guest Post: Stealth Storage

Today I’m pleased to welcome Samantha Baldwin of Bromeliad as guest blogger.  As she says, we’ve been blogging friends for quite some time, and I know that I can always find fresh ideas and beautiful images on her site.  I think you’ll love these stealthy storage suggestions.

via Matchbook

I’m honored to guest post at The English Organizer. I’ve known Pauline since she was “struggling to be stylish”, and to this day she is the only woman I know who organizes her wardrobe using Excel.

My husband and I live in a 480-square-foot apartment. So I am always looking for new places to stash my stuff. Thus I introduce to you the concept of “stealth storage” – disguising your storage to look like decor.

Above is a somewhat extreme example of this concept, the New York apartment of Linda Rodin featured in a recent issue of Matchbook, which reminds me of the Little Mermaid’s cave (“Look at this stuff. Isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you say my collection’s complete?”), fun to visit but impossible for a minimalist like me to live with.

However, focus for a moment on how she uses things that normally would go into a storage area (e.g. bookcase, closet, box) and transforms them into decorative accessories. Read on…

Love Your Space

Whether or not you’re sharing today with someone special in your life, I believe it should be possible for everyone to enjoy a home that’s a comfortable and nurturing space.

So, even if you have a long list of decor projects you’d like to complete (that’s me) or if you’re feeling somewhat disorganized (like many of my clients), why not show your home some love today?  You can take one small area, tidy the clutter away, put a few objects there which please you, and simply enjoy the space you have.

Or, do what I did here: take your camera and snap a picture of the parts of your home you find pleasing – most likely, you’ll end up with quite a collection:

Love Your House

(My house isn’t really as artistic and creative as the above collage would have you think: I’ve zoomed in on the interesting bits and cropped out the beige walls!)
Read on to see more things I love about my home…

Decor for Calm and Focus

Having taken a look at rooms which inspire energy and productivity, it seemed only natural to see what kind of spaces work best when you want to feel calm and focused.   Many of these picks rely on neutral palettes combined with texture and interesting accessories, but color is not entirely absent and I couldn’t resist the wonderful deep blue office.

Huntley & Company

Huntley & Company

Kerrie L. Kelly

Kerrie L. Kelly

See more calming spaces

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