Gift Certificates

An organizing package makes a thoughtful gift for someone who has been my client in the past, or would like to be in the future. There is a full comparison of packages here.

  • If you are buying a gift for one of my existing clients, thank you!
  • If you are buying a gift for someone who has not yet worked with me, please take a few moments to be sure that the individual will be grateful to receive it.  I am very proud of the work I do, and most of my clients enjoy the process and are thrilled with their newly-organized spaces.  However, for a few people, your gift of organizing help may be unwelcome, if the recipient has not yet decided they would like to make some changes in their surroundings.  If you are unsure, I’ll be pleased to send you some informational material, which you could perhaps tuck inside a book about organizing, instead.
    In addition, if your recipient lives outside the “650″ area code, please check with me for travel limitations before you purchase a hands-on package.

Buying Your Gift Certificate

Payment for Gift Certificates is accepted by credit card (via PayPal), or you can mail a check.

For security reasons, the Gift Certificate will usually be sent to you, at the address given in your PayPal checkout. However, if you’re short of time, please do contact me and I’ll try to work something out..

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